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Odoo: The Best-in-Class ERP Platform for Business Growth

Posted On Saturday 13th August 2016 12:20 PM

For facilitating a business process seamlessly, Odoo comes with a number of modules. This software is experiencing extensive usage in both medium-scale and small-sized companies. Because of its wide popularity, there has been a significant demand for Odoo development in the industry. The official Odoo apps are being categorized into 6 different groups including business operation apps, front-end apps,  human resources apps, marketing apps and productivity apps.

Because of the open source nature, the source code is available to everybody. Considering the growing popularity of Odoo across Australia, following here are some of the superior features of this software which, enable the businesses to conduct their operations more seamlessly.

Truly comprehensive

OpenERP/Odoo comes with a myriad of functionalities and around 1000 modules all of which, can be actualized for meeting the business prerequisites. Covering a great deal of functionalities and components, it can be said to be a complete framework which, satisfies the diverse requirements of every venture.

Fully Modular

It’s very secluded and so, you can begin with OpenERP/Odoo with just a couple of essential modules and can include the other features as you need.

Updated technology

OpenERP/Odoo is being built as per the present and future requirements. This software continues to adjust alongside as per the diverse and demanding requirements.

Reduction of the usage cost

Unlike to other ERP platforms, you can dispense off a wider segment of the financial plan for customization and usage as and when required.

Easy Integration

While considering some of the ERP frameworks, you might face certain problems like absence of information consistency across varied frameworks and institutionalized business forms. However, Odoo comes with easy integration and it doesn’t require you to take much stress for enhancing its proficiency.


This stage comes with high adaptability and satisfy the business requirements properly. Forever, in an exceedingly focused period, it can be developed or mold to fit your requirements as per the changing business situation.

Available for free

You can download this software without getting hands on your pocket and is absolutely free to install and deploy.

Implementation of Odoo is immensely beneficial for managing the enterprise, thereby facilitating better functionality. Irrespective of how big the enterprise is, this software comes with a robust and high-functional ERP solution which, can be managed easily. Thus, the next time you are about to implement Odoo, consider professionalized assistance of a skilled Odoo developer of Sydney to execute the process precisely.


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