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7 Emerging SEO Trends to Consider for Ecommerce Success

Posted On Monday 20th June 2016 3:34 PM

Needless to say, SEO plays a vital consideration to make while building any website. Be it just a company’s website or an ecommerce site, SEO is surely to be kept in mind for staying ahead in the competition. With a pool of ecommerce sites penetrating in the market, it becomes a daunting process for online merchants to make themselves known. There are certain types of online businesses which, gets benefitted from SEO more than the ecommerce sites that trigger direct consumer transactions.

Not only you will be able to generate greater online traffic, thereby maximizing the sales figures but, will also result in optimizing the specific product pages for funneling traffic to the most popular or profitable pages of your niche. But, SEO strategies are evolving on a drastic note with time, thereby leading to a transformation in the development of ecommerce solutions. New practices, new insights and new technologies are emerging on regular basis and the smart ecommerce webmasters are making great efforts to deploy the changes at their best.

Here, we bring to you the top 7 major SEO trends witnessed by the ecommerce industry.

Out-of-the-box SEO is a superior choice

SEO technology is evolving quickly with the alterations encountered by search engines. Well, what is actually meant by ‘SEO technology’? It means the widgets, third-party apps and tools which, webmasters can use for optimizing the sites and improving results while, requiring minimum manual input.

Moreover, certain out-of-the-box solutions have come to the recent picture in the domain of template web design, thereby enabling webmasters for ensuring on-site optimization of the websites within a few steps upon the launch. WordPress plugins were also been in the picture for a while which, handle a substantial amount of onsite SEO in an automated way like Yoast SEO.

These developments and products are tempting and useful. However, there is no solution, which can automatically operate on all the onsite functions. Still, you will need to customize a series of things like navigation, title tags, rich snippets and some other things, if, you are willing to drive maximum results.

Long-term content plays a significant rule

Product pages of the online shopping portals require short-type content: a brief description, a title, few customer reviews and a handful of snapshots. But, search engine favoritism and user demand have actually made a significant move to long-type contents for every niche.

This type of contents come with more details, more number of conversational and long-tail phrases and a higher note of market differentiation from the growing competition, which have arisen in these years.

Thus, it is better to opt for long-term contents for the company’s blog, offering insights, describing products of the company, provided the specific topics support the required length without any use of the unnecessary fluff.

Shareability is the key

Over the years, social media has gained wide popularity, however, it’s still escalating inj significance. As per the findings of a recent survey on 357 online marketers, “What works in Online Marketing”, a 52% of respondents expressed that they are witnessing a favorable ROI from Social Media Marketing. On the contrary, near about 65% expressed that this platform is going to get increased popularity over the next 5 years to come. Notably, 96% of respondents agreed on the fact that: they are about to increase the budget or keep the same over next year as well.

Most of the users are signing up for the popular standbys such as Facebook and advanced, cutting edge platforms like SnapChat and Instagram are being structured to emerge as the most accepted hits of younger generations.

The best way to create more visibility and primary and secondary ranking signals including social signals and inbound links, is to gear up more social sharing within the entire purchasing and checkout process.

You should make your users share your offerings and share reviews on them. The purpose is to: keep the audience engaged with a series of social opportunities  through the website which, will lead you to gain thriving visibility across the social media channels and search engines.

Video contents are outperforming the conventional substitutes

Alike mobile devices, video sharing and WiFi capabilities are becoming more prominent and advanced and so, users are looking forward to more and more number of video contents. Video contents are a source of rich media in the search results (in case, it’s showcased on YouTube) which, is praised to have greater potential for virality compared to other types of contents.

Moreover, if you aren’t making use of the video contents on product pages and the blogging section of your company, then, you are surely much behind the times and you move forward only with video contents. Thus, get moving.

Mobile optimization is quite critical

Basics of the concept of Mobile Optimization are already being congealed by Mobilegeddon’s update. However, merely meeting the thresholds of Google for mobile optimization is not enough longer for standing out in search world.

It’s all about offering extensive functionality experience and best possible contents for mobile users, whose growing percentage is much more higher in comparison to the number of desktop users.

Moreover, Mobile Optimization is about to start including App Optimization as well, which is favored by Google with major refinements such as app streaming. Thus, sooner or later, ecommerce platforms need to build their own mobile apps for surviving in the market in terms of visibility.

Digital Assistants and Voice Search are gaining usage and popularity

Just few years ago, digital assistants were not of much importance that didn’t succeeded in recognizing the voices precisely and delivered less-than-stellar results. But, now the picture has changed. More and more people are getting inclined towards voice search with every established tech enterprise willing to recruit potential digital assistants.

Savvy ecommerce merchants are laying emphasis on capitalizing on this specific trend, more optimization for long-tail notes, providing more colloquial phrasing and more ‘rich solutions’ that the digital assistants can offer directly.

Local results are gaining prominence

Local SEO strategies have experienced a number of overhauls in past few years. The trend signifies that, upsurge of advanced technologies will result in increased importance of local results.

The online shopping enterprises mostly don’t focus on developing any local strategy as because, they operate largely on the national platform and so, want attention of an expansive national audience. But, pursuing any local strategy can aid them in setting themselves apart from the race, thereby targeting a more relevant and specific niche which, might not have been explored by the competitors yet.

Final word

Well, going through this post will ultimately help you in knowing the 7 trends, thereby ensuring the campaign remains visible and relevant in the recent era. While considering the role of SEO in boosting business growth and your individual goals, the above-mentioned suggestions must be considered with high priority.

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