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5 Key Mobile App Metrics To Be Considered By Every Appreneur

Posted On Tuesday 16th May 2017 10:03 AM

While app development has become a relatively easy task owing to the presence of numerous mobile app development companies all over the world, optimising the value and ROI of such apps after they are developed and launched is crucial. This is why certain mobile metrics are considered to be of huge important as they help the appreneurs to gain valuable insights of app usage statistics such as downloads, region-wise rate of downloads, the number of active users, and so on. GetAProgrammer, highly proficient in mobile app development in Sydney and having eminence and all round experience in app development takes care of these most vital metrics in apps to ensure that the owners get the most out of their apps.

Here’s the list of essential mobile app metrics overlooked by most in app development.

#1 Duration of each session

Session duration implies the length of time taken by any user to surf through the app and use it. This metric is highly important in the first stance as it helps the developers and owners to know the intensity of engagement of users with the app. The longer the session duration, the higher is the engagement meaning your app is captivating and useful enough to the audiences.

#2 App’s loading time

The time taken by an app to load completely when opened is known as its launch time or load time, which is one key metric often not considered. You need to know that there are high chances any user will delete the app at the first stance when it takes a long time to launch. Thus, to make sure your app is not shunned immediately after installation, its loading time will be much less and runs efficiently to engage users well.

#3 Average revenue per user

This metric is essential in assessing the scope of revenue and profits from the app, and average revenue per user (ARPU) is the main metric to be evaluated because it represents the reason for which businesses develop apps. Thus, it is crucial for appreneurs to know the revenue they are getting from the apps. ARPU helps them in getting that vital information and subsequently decide the areas which need to be improved for more boosting revenues.

#4 Rate of uninstallation

While mobile app owners are always eager to know the rate of downloads or installations of their apps to estimate profits, they ignore the rate of its uninstallations. But the criteria is equally vital as an app will not bring any benefits if the user deletes it instantly after installing it. Thus, appreneurs need to consider developing an app which would not fall in the category of immediately uninstalled apps.

#5 App’s retention time

This metric signifies the time for which it has remained installed in the mobiles of the user. The longer users keep an app on their phones, the more it is used churning good revenues for the business and hence the developers must focus on the metric to make it more beneficial.

So, developers are needed to emphasise on these key metrics at the time of development to increase app’s longevity and ensure that it turns profitable in the long run.

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