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5 Quick Hacks To Boost Conversion Potential of Your Magento Store

Posted On Monday 1st May 2017 9:23 AM

   In this ‘Internet-era’, when more and more businesses are coming up with internet solutions for selling their products or services to their targeted audiences. While eCommerce stands to be a more preferred medium for the retailers to market their products than physical stores to boost up sales, most retailers are grateful to Magento for being an impeccable eCommerce platform. Using its highly advanced features, Magento developers in Australia and other parts of the world are assisting retail businesses to create powerful eCommerce solutions and control their content, appearance and running inbuilt features.

You can modify your website using Magento according to your specific needs so that you can convert more of your visitors daily into potential buyers. Here’s how.

Offer seamless navigation

The first thing to consider while building a shopping site is to see whether it is easily navigable or not. While poor or complicated navigation is likely to turn off your visitors, keep it simple so that your site seems absolutely user-friendly. Avoid putting unnecessary navigation clicks or creating a maze out of excessive navigation bars.

Make Swift loading of pages

In this fast paced world, online buyers are the most impatient ones and so you know none of the visitors are going to cling to your site while it takes a lot of time to load. While longer page loading time will cost you a lot losing conversions, Magento, when leveraged properly, can optimise the site’s loading speed and turn-on your visitors.

Use customised Magento themes

To craft your online store magnificently, utilise the custom Magento themes that will help you better convert. There are many reasons to go for customised themes instead of availing free Magento themes, including the creation of a unique brand image, attractive logo and templates, availability of technical support, upgraded features and functionality.

Manage content specifically

Magento’s content management system will help to make your business site highly intuitive to use. Using it you can edit the content and its layout on your web pages, modifies product pages content when needed with detailed information, images, pricing and many other.

Provide convenient checkout process

While many online businesses may lose out potential customers due to arduous and time-consuming checkout processes. So, you have to consider to shorten the process of checking out so that none of your visitors are turned off at the final stage of his or her purchase. You can incorporate guest checkout in your site which requires including some basic details of the customers during the checkout for the first time buyers.

Needless to mention, you can surely have those added advantages in your online store by using Magento that turn maximum of your visitors to valuable customers. Make use of this flawless supreme platform by teaming up with GetAProgrammer, a renowned web development company based in Sydney, and witness a massive progress in conversion rates of your online shopping portal.

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