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Posted On Saturday 27th May 2017 10:24 AM

Creating an app is not always daunting. Whether you have any new app idea to launch or want to create a mobile presence of your existing website, you need the assistance of adept and competent app developers who can help you in that. Mobile app development is becoming an immensely popular business choice for many entrepreneurs and companies like GetAProgrammer, are working to make app ideas successful in no time. However, in order to avoid the pitfalls in developing apps, you need to partner with experienced and skilled developers.

Here’s the list of must-have qualities you need to assure that your hired app developers possess so that the app built will outperform others in the market.

#1 Visionary Talent

Appreneurs who wants to bring out some exemplary apps in the mobile industry need to be creative enough. Otherwise, who will distinguish their app amidst the millions of apps already prevailing in the market? Thus, you need to find out developers who can use their creative thinking to find out the most profitable and user catchy segment in the fields and exploit it to the fullest to carve an all new app. If your app developer has visionary skills, they can see the needs of the people in a different way and use such mind-sight in making the app.

#2 Needs to be Tech Savvy

Your app developer can definitely make your venture a successful one if he or she possesses deep technical knowledge and excellence. Developers with greater immersion into apps development are clearly more tech savvy who can assure your app to become a great success. However, to assure that you need to collaborate with eminent app development company whose developers have gained expe

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Posted On Tuesday 16th May 2017 10:03 AM

While app development has become a relatively easy task owing to the presence of numerous mobile app development companies all over the world, optimising the value and ROI of such apps after they are developed and launched is crucial. This is why certain mobile metrics are considered to be of huge important as they help the appreneurs to gain valuable insights of app usage statistics such as downloads, region-wise rate of downloads, the number of active users, and so on. GetAProgrammer, highly proficient in mobile app development in Sydney and having eminence and all round experience in app development takes care of these most vital metrics in apps to ensure that the owners get the most out of their apps.

Here’s the list of essential mobile app metrics overlooked by most in app development.

#1 Duration of each session

Session duration implies the length of time taken by any user to surf through the app and use it. This metric is highly important in the first stance as it helps the developers and owners to know the intensity of engagement of users with the app. The longer the session duration, the higher is the engagement meaning your app is captivating and useful enough to the audiences.

#2 App’s loading time

The time taken by an app to load completely when opened is known as its launch time or load time, which is one key metric often not considered. You need to know that there are high chances any user will delete the app at the first stance when it takes a long time to launch. Thus, to make sure your app is not shunned immediately after installation, its loading time will be much less and runs efficiently to engage users well.

#3 Aver

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Posted On Monday 8th May 2017 9:53 AM

Mobile app visitors are the most fickle personalities when they interact with apps. They have the tendency to leave the app sooner if they did not find anything interesting or motivating enough to stick to it. While an impressive number of mobile users are seen initially with the willingness to try an app and thus install them, but a majority of them did not open the app again for the next time. Considering this emotional triggers of mobile app users, app developers are coming out with vibrant and new ideas for developing mobile apps that can interest the users, retain them and finally convert them to customers.  

Here’s the true agenda for turning a maximum of visitors of apps into customers.

#1 Understanding the sentiments of users

You need to understand that users are always multitasking while they are on mobile phones, and want everything to happen in real time. Being absolutely impatient, a majority of the does not feel like hooking to an app if it takes a time to load or have to scroll through a multiple number of pages for availing a function. Developers who realises this streamline the loading speed of app’s pages so that visitors did not quickly switch to other competing apps.

#2 Keeping User interface simple for the important pages

One key way to foster interest in the visitors to turn them to prospective customers is removing all the junk elements from the app, including tabs and all those pages which are not relevant and does not offer value to the users. A homepage is the landing point for your visitors and hence needs to made simpler enough to direct the visitors to important pages of the app. Also, try focusing on black or white spaces, so that content gets highlighted and avoid an unnecessary call to ac

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Posted On Monday 1st May 2017 9:23 AM

   In this ‘Internet-era’, when more and more businesses are coming up with internet solutions for selling their products or services to their targeted audiences. While eCommerce stands to be a more preferred medium for the retailers to market their products than physical stores to boost up sales, most retailers are grateful to Magento for being an impeccable eCommerce platform. Using its highly advanced features, Magento developers in Australia and other parts of the world are assisting retail businesses to create powerful eCommerce solutions and control their content, appearance and running inbuilt features.

You can modify your website using Magento according to your specific needs so that you can convert more of your visitors daily into potential buyers. Here’s how.

Offer seamless navigation

The first thing to consider while building a shopping site is to see whether it is easily navigable or not. While poor or complicated navigation is likely to turn off your visitors, keep it simple so that your site seems absolutely user-friendly. Avoid putting unnecessary navigation clicks or creating a maze out of excessive navigation bars.

Make Swift loading of pages

In this fast paced world, online buyers are the most impatient ones and so you know none of the visitors are going to cling to your site while it takes a lot of time to load. While longer page loading time will cost you a lot losing conversions, Magento, when leveraged properly, can optimise the site’s loading speed and turn-on your visitors.

Use customised Magento themes

To craft your online store magnificently, utilise the custom Magento themes that will help you better convert. There are many reasons to g

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Posted On Wednesday 26th April 2017 9:31 AM

A smartphone with userful mobile applications has become inevitable for people to smoothen their living. Ranging from entertainment, meeting arrangements, fitness regimen monitoring, booking tickets to making payments, apps have become a great source of utility. However, mobile app security is a crucial issue which, is often overlooked while downloading an app for users or developing the same for developers. At GetAProgrammer, our experienced professionals give great focus on a set of crucial aspects including securing during the phase of mobile application development.

How App Security Issues Arise

By avoiding the issues of security, we are letting malware and adware to get access to most of our confidential information to a huge extent. Generally, an average application user doesn’t get much concerned with app security till the time, they are affected on a personal or professional level. On the contrary, security breaches mostly happen because of the compromised apps on both Android and iOS devices.

How We Work to Avoid App Security Issues

The App Development Kit offered by both Android and iOS covers most of the security issues and we thoroughly go through it before starting the process. Considering these instructions greatly help us to eliminate the common issues of app security by following the proper development protocols and conducting accurate testing methodologies. Furthermore, we develop a requirement-specific prototype which, are passed through a series of tests to verify its potential against the malicious hacking threats and breaches.

How Malware Affects App Usage

Users mostly are not so well-informed about the issues of intensity whi

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Posted On Saturday 22nd April 2017 10:16 AM

While mobile apps are helping enterprises worldwide to skyrocket their business, many are still aloof of the app technology and how they can market their services/products to the target market. Although, developing any custom app is no more a back-breaking job, but there are many myths still surrounding app development which needs to avoided by the ones who are new in the market. This is perhaps one vital reason, for which aspiring appreneurs are always advised to seek assistance from eminent and professional app development companies, like GetAProgrammer who can help them to avoid all such misconceptions. Their team of adroit developers can guide you throughout the process of app development and help you to keep away from all types of misapprehensions.

Here are some of the popular misbeliefs that often plagues the ones who wishes to step into the world of apps.

#1 Once build, users will come automatically

The most common myth about apps is that as soon as the apps are built, people will automatically find them and will turn a success. However, the truth is there will be very few stumbling across your new app while searching after it is introduced in the app store. Apps need to be marketed first to let mobile phones users know about it through effective app store optimisation strategies. It is then when your app can feature among the top searches in the store and come to the eyes of the users.

#2 Native apps are the only way to be successful

While mobile apps come in many new forms, namely native apps, hybrid apps and mobile web or HTML5 app, it is often suggested that only native apps bear that potential to captivate maximum users and become successful. This is wrong, as for most businesses, like in reta

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Posted On Wednesday 12th April 2017 3:41 PM


Even if you are an entrepreneur from the core, at some point of time when your businesses will grow, things go beyond your own control. For a growing business, things get more complicated leading to total chaos, when the need for automation of business processes are felt. GetAProgrammer is one such company, indulged in software development in Sydney, for rendering customised software solutions to businesses for enhancing management and operations. However, when is the right time for businesses to leverage software solutions is a big question in the minds of the entrepreneurs.

Here are the clear signs to indicate that a business requires a custom software solution.

When business requirements starts to increase

Business needs evolve with time which your prevailing software bought from the market could no more fulfill. The solutions of old software are no more capable of meeting the evolving challenges and expectations of the business, like could not manage the large database. At such point of time, you need a software, build and customised to meet the changing patterns in the business.

Rising competition in market demands you to be unique

To outperform others in the competitive market, or achieve competitive advantage you need to distinct from others. You need to be unique in the way you promote your business, serve customers or the way business is conducted. All this can be possible either by adding some extra add-ons in the existing software or by having a custom software solution that can help you conduct your business uniquely.

Your dedicated manpower are proving to be inefficient

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Posted On Tuesday 17th January 2017 2:36 PM

Choosing a right eCommerce platform to make your retail business go online is quite challenging owing to the presence the of several efficient platforms present in the market that help in building customer-centric online stores. However, if you look at the prevailing trend of eCommerce development, there is an unexpected preference of the developers and experts for Magento over other popular platforms like Shopify,  WooCommerce or ZenCart. This is probably for its robustness and versatile features that help the retailers to optimise their store performance in all aspects.

Take a look at the key attributes that makes Magento, an unbeatable platform for eCommerce solutions.


Magento is suitable for the development of small as well as large-sized stores because of its scalability. It is a powerful platform that can help you to create websites that has the capacity to support about 500,000 products and manage over 80,000 order every hour.


When it is related to the creation of a vibrant marketplace that serves widespread customers, versatility matters. Magento offers extreme versatility in content management and allows the retailers to customise their offerings on the site. Moreover, it offers some add-ons with inbuilt promotions features which can take your store to a next level. With Magento 2, retailers are left with more features like flexible coupons, promotional pricing and will keep them ahead of other eCommerce sites in terms of performance and flexibility.

#Offers Third Party Integration

Magento enables third party integration which helps the retailers to integrate their store to other external platforms such as eBay, Google Shopping, PayPal, QuickBooks and so forth. This results in the accumulation of sales and also offers many options to the sh

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Posted On Friday 6th January 2017 3:00 PM

Visual information is considered as the easiest way of perceiving people. Owing to this fact, nowadays, online stores aim at providing rich media content for performing better and gaining more customer acceptance. Noticeably, a myriad of ways has come into the picture for implementing videos on the eCommerce stores.

  • You can try for embedding all the YouTube videos from your channel which, is pretty simple, however, not the most appropriate option in terms of user engagement.

  • Another promising way is to add the looped background videos into design of the online store. Websites having background videos are the ‘in’ thing nowadays, however, you will certainly need one specific template for avoiding digging into the megabytes of code.

Keeping this in mind, today, we are about to talk about some of the most contemporary  OpenCart templates which support the background videos phenomenally.

Elegant Fragrance OpenCart Template
Being developed by TemplateMonster, this OpenCart perfume store template hosts a long scrolling homepage layout which, is enhanced with a number of visual effects. It comes with wide parallax image blocks, large product reviews, animated buttons and various other eye-catching elements. This template is mobile-friendly and fully responsive which, lets you attract visitors by using different types of modern Internet browsing devices.

Compy OpenCart Template

Compy is a minimalist and clean OpenCart template, especially meant for tech-oriented stores including electronics, computer parts, software and much more. It helps in creating complex banners for promoting fe

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Posted On Wednesday 4th January 2017 3:42 PM

Apple revolutionized the way people interact with technology through a million robust mobile applications. Owing to the astounding success of Apple and its growing customer base, the iPhone app market is also booming fast as one of the largest mobile marketing platforms for enterprises. Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends noticed in the sphere of iPhone app development process in recent times.

Swift Coding

Objective-C coding has been the foundation for iPhone apps until now, but as Swift coding hit the market last year, iPhone app developers got a new set of frameworks and methodologies. This new set of frameworks is easier and highly inclusive, which enabled the developers to use Xcode tools for writing reliable code. Swift is just getting better day by day and with Swift 2 it is even better for its developer-friendly features.

Top-Notch Security

Reports claimed that nearly 75% of the mobile apps is low on security factor for which there is a noteworthy shift in the users towards high-security in-app purchase. iPhone app developers are hence going beyond the threshold app security technologies for gaining reliability of the iPhone apps.


Most businesses indulged in mobile marketing need to track the location of their app’s users. iBeacon will allow the businesses to integrate the functionality of location tracking in their apps. However, as the feature requires a lot of data inputs, it uses up a huge amount of battery. So, to excel in this feature, iPhone app developers are deliberately finding ways for making iBeacon functionality to drain less power.

Synchronization Between Different Devices

Cloud technology is now being used for synchronizing apps on different devices which are letting the iPhone app developers

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Posted On Wednesday 21st December 2016 2:38 PM

Magento is recommended by most developers as the top eCommerce software for growing number of online businesses. Amidst dozens of eCommerce solutions why Magento is preferred is a big question in the mind of retail enterprises who are seeking to build their own eCommerce website. To answer them this post illustrates the core factors that makes Magento the ultimate solution for eCommerce sites.

Offers Diversified Solutions

As an advanced open source software solution which requires implementation of the developers, it offers high flexibility and customization. Thus, it enables the developers to scale the software as per the requirements of business catering to the diversified needs of a growing enterprise. To be precise, Magento offers every possible service that you need to launch and administer your eCommerce business. Due to its focus on growth and scalability, it enables the retailers to deploy a number of mechanisms to enhance traffic, customer engagement and sales.

Complete Shopping Cart

As a fully-featured eCommerce solution, Magento supports everything in your site, from the checkout of customers to secure payment processing. You can offer widespread options of payment-processing to your customers and can choose from a number of payment gateways such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Simple Pay and so forth.

Customer Service

Catering to each of needs of the customers is the supreme responsibility of your eCommerce site and Magento helps you in fulfilling it. Customers are provided with instant access to their purchase histories, order tracking, create wish lists for future and also save necessary information for faster checkout.

Order Management

With Magento, managing order and transactions become much easier for the retail merchants. Its admin

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Posted On Thursday 15th December 2016 12:24 PM

From community web portals to personal websites or popular eCommerce stores to social networking sites, Drupal helps in enabling enterprises to develop a strong online presence. Nowadays, many Drupal developers deploy the PHP code to develop customized websites since there are more than 29000 thousand modules and 2000 thousand themes to select from.

Being an open-source software, it certainly functions well as a CMS framework and features unparalleled functionality and efficiency as well. For users who are not so aware of coding part, managing a Drupal-built website becomes similar to a cake walk. However, with the scalability and flexibility that Drupal boast certainly ease the tasks of web development for online business owners and websites.

Following here, we would like to detail on some of the most effective ways by which, you can benefit from Drupal web development.

Affordable pricing

This CMS platform is open source, highly customizable and easily available. There are around thousands of templates and modules of which, many are available for free. Furthermore, it’s being used and relied upon by several organizations and individuals across the world since it provides high-value solutions along with robust security.

Multi-language support

It offers support for more than 150 languages and thus, prove to be capable of serving to a  global audience.

Modern and powerful platform

Drupal boasts a set of high-performance business tools which, is easily maintainable as well. Some of its core benefits are constant upgradations of the software and ease of scalability.

No place of conventional restrictions

This platform doesn’t host quite a number of restrictions of the older CMS software s

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Posted On Wednesday 28th September 2016 2:21 PM

In the recent times, the mobile technology is becoming increasingly bombarded with variety of innovative tools and applications which, are making their prominence felt in a range of ways. To excel in the dynamic economic environment, it has become significant for companies to introduce highly-functional and fast-paced technologies for the customers.

 Considering the recent technologies mostly deployed by users all across the world, mobile applications have emerged as a top priority. With the approach of ‘Going Mobile’, users are getting more and more inclined towards usage of apps instead of viewing the desktop version. Keeping this in mind, following here, we would like to talk about some of the most benefits of app development which, can be enjoyed by businesses.

 Fetch data in ‘Real-time’ basis

If you are eager to collect rich and correct data for the business, then it is important for you to have one mobile app for capturing information safely on the market. The time flows for texts, smart apps, images, numbers, signatures, GPS location and more can be easily captured from the mobile apps. Well, it means extensive visibility if secured data. 

Working offline
You will be able to work offline by deploying the mobile applications. An app will allow you to synchronize all the business data and save information in the background. Resultantly, it will help in fetching data without any such need of connectivity. It’s safe since, it allows in capturing the data and storing them in the cloud.

Decrease time to resolution
You can work smarter from any location, thereby reducing the time. You can cut off the hard procedures associated to the process and all

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Posted On Tuesday 20th September 2016 10:03 AM

With advent of the smartphone apps in Australia, people have explored many new avenues to use their handheld devices in their daily lives. Even the Australian companies have started acknowledging varied advantages being offered by smartphone apps, thereby utilizing them to attain benefits for their business. 

Adhering this concern, following here are some of the most advantageous aspects of mobile app development for businesses.


mobile app developer sydney


Apps: A constant reminder of the business
The mobile apps aid in reinforcing the brand by improving the visibility. An app offers your business more strong presence on the phone compared to the browser bookmark since, it’s always visible on the phone’s screen. This aids in building loyalty with consumers as because, the business will be in front at all times.

Promotes Greater Customer Engagement
Customers are preferring mobile apps since, these allow them to quickly connect to the businesses which, they mostly need or want. Businesses are deploying the usage of apps for improving their work process, thereby increasing the accessibility level. The main focus of an app is to connect and interact with consumers seamlessly, thereby making it one valuable tool for the contemporary business.

Consumers don’t need to deal with the waiting game
Apps serve as a much faster alternative compared to mobile web browsing. Web browsing needs one user to launch one separate web browser, enter the URL and the

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Posted On Monday 5th September 2016 5:18 PM

If you are one of those who have already decided to take part in the bespoke software solutions, then the next immediate step is to select a software development to work with for handling your project. Well, you may have the most feasible software concept but, poor implementation of the same might become the death knell of your project.

At GetAProgrammer, a Sydney-based software development company, we have worked across a series of bespoke solutions. Our software developers of Sydney are specialized to cater specific solutions. Following here are some of their inherent qualities of software professionals which, must be considered before hiring a developer.

Technical ability
Most of the developers used to have a website, however, most of them used to feature examples of their accomplished projects. Though, they won’t disclose much of the project details while considering their clients’ confidentiality and privacy, however, the glimpses might be an indicator of the type and size of projects handled by them.

Business Experience
A bespoke software should ideally work on a business setting and not on an theoretical, academic or abstract context. The solution must work on the real world while considering the real business scenario. What you need to consider is; have they handled any type of bespoke projects of the same sector or industry you belong to?

It will be more productive, if the company has relevant experience in building bespoke applications for the similar businesses. This in turn, will help them to draw a better grasp on some of the best market issues which, the business might face.

Of course, having competent skills of the world is not

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Posted On Thursday 25th August 2016 10:35 AM

Having a website is a requisite for a business and thus, every other company is in the process of finding experienced programmers to work with. While considering the task of web development, Asp.Net comes as a robust application language which, hosts a series of avant-garde features. Thus, keeping the excellent features of this platform in mind, companies are willing to join hands with a proficient Asp.Net web development partner to rely on. 

asp-dot-net programmers

Enterprise-class Features of Asp.Net

Among the varied beneficial aspects of .Net development compared to other parallel platforms and alike environments, some of the most effective are:

  • Most efficient GUI for users
  • Robust Security Environment
  • Consistent Programming Model
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Simplified Development Efforts
  • Easy Implementation and Maintenance
  • Quicker and Seamless Development thereby, making it less time consuming.

Highlights of our Service
Being a web application development company, we at GetAProgrammer provide our clients with top-notch Asp.Net development services across Sydney and various other parts of Australia. Our Asp.Net programmers

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Posted On Saturday 13th August 2016 12:20 PM

For facilitating a business process seamlessly, Odoo comes with a number of modules. This software is experiencing extensive usage in both medium-scale and small-sized companies. Because of its wide popularity, there has been a significant demand for Odoo development in the industry. The official Odoo apps are being categorized into 6 different groups including business operation apps, front-end apps,  human resources apps, marketing apps and productivity apps.

Because of the open source nature, the source code is available to everybody. Considering the growing popularity of Odoo across Australia, following here are some of the superior features of this software which, enable the businesses to conduct their operations more seamlessly.

Truly comprehensive

OpenERP/Odoo comes with a myriad of functionalities and around 1000 modules all of which, can be actualized for meeting the business prerequisites. Covering a great deal of functionalities and components, it can be said to be a complete framework which, satisfies the diverse requirements of every venture.

Fully Modular

It’s very secluded and so, you can begin with OpenERP/Odoo with just a couple of essential modules and can include the other features as you need.

Updated technology

OpenERP/Odoo is being built as per the present and future requirements. This software continues to adjust alongside as per the diverse and demanding requirements.

Reduction of the usage cost

Unlike to other ERP platforms, you can dispense off a wider segment of the financial plan for customization and usage as and when required.

Easy Integration

While considering some of the ERP frameworks, you might face certain problems like absence of

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Posted On Tuesday 19th July 2016 2:51 PM

The future of mobile app development depends on a smart user-centric interface that makes the user feel her mind has been read by the system. It may seem bogus to a few but folks who are in the vocation of app development know how true this is. This magical user experience can be provided by creating a circumstance that meets a user’s needs with as little inputs as possible. In order to implement this technologically, developers have to count upon contextual design.

It is only through contextual design that it is possible to create a context-aware user interface that continually adapts to the ideal form by:

  • Leveraging available data and

  • Anticipating the requirements of users

 Contextual Design: An introduction

This interface incessantly presents the most relevant content and functions upfront. This leads to reduced clicks as well as the flow is controlled. In addition to the factors mentioned above, both clutter and stagnant empty states are avoided in the process as well.

Apps that are context-aware, unlike the ordinary apps, do not sit and wait for user input to come to life. Rather, this category of apps evolve with the user. Thus, when a context-aware app is tap-opened, it knows what it is expected to perform.

Contextual design takes a lots of factors into consideration. However, as experienced mobile app developers will agree, it is never limited by these factors. The factors include the following:

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Posted On Monday 11th July 2016 9:44 AM

Man is a social animal. Thanks to the advent of handheld electronic gadgets like mobile phones and tablets, it is now easier to improve our social skills. Even the corporate world is aware that Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are excellent ways to interact and nurture relationships with the targeted customer base. However, even social trends in this ongoing Digital Age are highly volatile and keep changing on frequent basis everywhere in the world, including Australia. In this circumstance, the commercial prospect of mobile app developers in Sydney is raising at an exponential pace.

 From the other way around, it is crucial for businesses to have mobile apps to access the benefits of social platforms. A smartly designed mobile app can prove to be immensely helpful for both retail outlets and service providers. So, whether it is a restaurant, a grocery store or a hardware shop, a mobile app can definitely offer something substantial to promote the business to higher levels of success. As such, every mobile app should include the aspect of social functionalities to make it easier for people to share their experiences.


Advantages of having mobile apps for businesses

      1.  Investing on a mobile app enables a business to get placed right within the consumer’s palm most conveniently.

      2.  A mobile app allows a business to be with its customers round the clock, 24/7.

     3.  Mobile apps also makes it easier for businesses to customise tweets and shares to make things easier for people to tell      

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Posted On Monday 20th June 2016 3:34 PM

Needless to say, SEO plays a vital consideration to make while building any website. Be it just a company’s website or an ecommerce site, SEO is surely to be kept in mind for staying ahead in the competition. With a pool of ecommerce sites penetrating in the market, it becomes a daunting process for online merchants to make themselves known. There are certain types of online businesses which, gets benefitted from SEO more than the ecommerce sites that trigger direct consumer transactions.

Not only you will be able to generate greater online traffic, thereby maximizing the sales figures but, will also result in optimizing the specific product pages for funneling traffic to the most popular or profitable pages of your niche. But, SEO strategies are evolving on a drastic note with time, thereby leading to a transformation in the development of ecommerce solutions. New practices, new insights and new technologies are emerging on regular basis and the smart ecommerce webmasters are making great efforts to deploy the changes at their best.

Here, we bring to you the top 7 major SEO trends witnessed by the ecommerce industry.

Out-of-the-box SEO is a superior choice

SEO technology is evolving quickly with the alterations encountered by search engines. Well, what is actually meant by ‘SEO technology’? It means the widgets, third-party apps and tools which, webmasters can use for optimizing the sites and improving results while, requiring minimum manual input.

Moreover, certain out-of-the-box solutions have come to the recent picture in the domain of template web

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