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Posted On Friday 2nd December 2016 5:28 PM

This is a small section which provides few but effective measures to fix Gmail performance issue. The measures are as followed.

Some of the effective measures to fix this Gmail issue:

Check internet speed: Most of the times you are have a slow internet connection which causes this issue. I would suggest you to check the internet speed. If it is slow then upgrade your internet connection.

Remove unwanted features from Gmail: Sometime for temporary usage, we enable some features. We should also disable them when we don’t require them. We should also delete or remove unwanted emails, draft, sent mail, etc to improvise Gmail working speed.

Check computer for viruses: If your computer is infected then there are many possibilities that your web browser will work slow. If your web browser will work slowly then Gmail will work slowly. I would recommend you to install antivirus software for a permanent solution.

Check your web browser: You should be having an updated or latest web browser installed in your computer. You should also remove unwanted and useless plug-ins from your browser. This plug-ins can also make the browser working slow.


For more information about Gmail Technical Support or other query call us 24x7 hours on our supportive toll free number 1-888-467-5549

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