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Posted On Friday 2nd June 2017 4:27 PM

Whenever you are using a digital tool or a software or a program, all you wish for is its smooth functioning. This is because in today’s times we live in an era where we are too dependent on technology that a small glitch in it causes many inconveniences to us. All we want then is that it should get fixed in no time. The problem arises at this junction, when you have an issue with its regular functioning you do not know where to go to get this fixed. People try to solve it themselves which only makes it worse.


Here are a few issues that may come up when you are working with Gmail.

  • Gmail has blocked your account
  • You have forgotten your password
  • Your account has been hacked
  • You are unable to sync your Gmail account on various devices
  • You don’t get a notification of a new email
  • You are unable to add signature to your email account
  • Unable to change themes in Google
  • How to restore your account’s original settings
  • How to get desktop alerts of emails in gmail

Gmail tech support takes care of all your problems very swiftly and efficiently. You just have to contact them as soon as the issue comes up. This is because at times delays in reporting an issue further aggravate a situation. If the problem was fixable in five to ten minutes, due to delay, it may take more time. Also you would too like to have your problem fixed as soon as possible. Therefore always reach out to the Gmail tech support in no time.


Gmail is very popular for its smoothly functioning customer support team. It is known to take care of all the problems very efficiently and in the least amount of time possible. Its team consists of technicians and engineers; who are no

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