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Posted On Friday 10th March 2017 2:48 PM

Haematocrit test or HCT blood test, also known as PCV test is used to check for anaemia and performed as a part of complete blood count test. It measures the percentage of blood by volume which is composed of red blood cells. The test helps to diagnose or monitor health conditions that affect the proportion of blood that is made up of red blood cells. It also monitors the response to the treatment of anaemia or polycythaemia and other health disorders that affects the production of RBC.

How is Haematocrit measured?

All diagnostic labs in Hyderabad measure hematocrit with the help of a simple blood count panel or a test called Complete Blood Test. Another method for performing a hematocrit test is called spun hematocrit or spun crit.

What are the interpretations for Hematocrit blood test?

A hct blood test normal range varies according to the age, gender, pregnancy, altitude where one lives and even vary slightly due to the usage of various types of testing methods. Following are the suggested normal ranges of Hematocrit levels-

  • In newborns, it should be between 55%-68%.
  • In adult males, it should be between 42%- 55%.
  • In adult women, it should be between 38%-46%.
  • In pregnant women, it should be about 30%-34%.

However, it is also important to notice that the values may vary slightly from one pathology lab to another.

What does a low level of hematocrit mean?

A low level of

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