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Points of virtual reality: customer reviews

Posted On Tuesday 7th March 2017 3:21 PM

What is a virtual reality? Reviews of their respective owners argue that these devices allow you to go on a fascinating journey, practically without leaving home. Of course, an exciting adventure in the virtual world will never replace the real sensations.   Nevertheless, the owners of these points get considerable acoustic and visual effect of the presence in the space created by computer technology.        What is VR-gadgets?    Points vr headset - a device in which the display is located directly in front of the human eye. However, they are used not only for watching movies. Points illusory reality have been applied for virtual amusement and gaming. This device shows a beautiful picture of a person, creating sound effects and monitors turn the user's head, responding to the slightest movement of his body.    Why do many people today seek to acquire for themselves a virtual reality glasses? User reviews say that this device allows a person to really penetrate into every game. He really running away from the enemy, aiming at an opponent, without feeling, perhaps, only the smell of gunpowder and fire.   What features have common points of virtual reality? Reviews of owners indicate that such devices are at the same time means that display the image, game controllers, and sometimes even games consoles.        use Perspective    In the future, VR-gadgets can develop not only as a device for gamers. Today them are already beginning to show interest in teachers and doctors. For example, such equipment can be used by surgeons during operations difficult. These gadgets are fully capable to help and teachers. They send their students to the most remote corners of the planet, created in the form of 3D-models, or go with them on a trip to any of the museums in the world.    Varieties VR-gadgets    There are two types of points to create a virtual reality. The first of them are full-fledged virtual reality headset that have their own processor and connected to a computer. The second type of VR-gadgets - a mobile helmets. To dive into the world of illusions user of such a device should insert the smartphone written on it with a special application.    Principle of operation Complete helmets to create a virtual reality equipped with two built-in displays. When the user wears such a device displays at a distance of several cm from his eyes. Appears on the screen the same image, with only a slight shift.        Before displays virtual helmets two lenses installed. They distort the image and create a volume effect. In addition to the resulting image before my eyes, the user of the helmet there is a possibility to look around. It's enough to turn your head to the right or to the left. This feature is made possible by the device arranged in a helmet sensors - magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer. For the effect of the virtual world needs more and tracker with infrared LEDs. It must be installed on the table. Files shall be directed to the person that will capture the user's position in space. This sensor is required for the games in which freedom of movement is allowed. To the device must also be attached USB-cable, which carries the power and the necessary data.    If you wanna purchase a vr glasses, you can search via Banggood website, and it will provide you a lot of options.  

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