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What to Consider When Buying a Second Hand iPhone 6

Posted On Thursday 16th March 2017 12:43 PM

Does your stunning iPhone 6 seem beyond repair? If that’s the case, you’re now stuck with two options: buy an iPhone 6 in a mint condition, or try your luck making a purchase of a second hand.

Want to save money while enjoying the benefits of an iPhone 6? If yes, then a second hand iPhone 6 is really the way to go. Here are three important things that you must consider when looking for a second hand iPhone 6:
1.The iPhone Should Not be Stolen
You don’t want to buy a stolen iPhone, do you? So, you must check the status of the device you’re planning to buy by using the Activation Lock Status tool.
You may already know that Activation Lock is a security feature that does not allow a thief to activate the stolen iPhone. All you have to do is just visit the site followed by entering the IMEI or serial number of your iPhone. This information is useful in certain circumstances.
2.The Phone Should Not be Water Damaged
It doesn’t matter if you’re going to buy a second hand iPhone 6 or the one in a mint condition, know that the Apple one-year limited warranty or an AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) does not include the water damage.  
Always ensure before settling for a used iPhone 6 that the phone has not suffered water or liquid damage.
3.Inspect the Condition
As obvious it may sound, but it’s always feasible to look over the mobile phone to just if there are any wear and tear or some kind of damage on a second hand iPhone 6.
You never know when you might find any dents or dingy on the corners of the iPhone 6. If there are, it reveals that the phone was dropped when in use by its previous owner. Also, you want to consider looking for scratches on the phone’s display. When there’s not much light, you may not be able to see the scratches properly, but when taken a look at the device in daylight, the scratches would be visible easily.
You don’t want your viewing to be affected, so it’ll be better if you get the iPhone 6 under a lamp or some kind of direct light and look over the screen carefully for any possible scratches.
Being one of the most popular smartphones that we know of, everyone expresses a great concern for owning an iPhone. But they do not come cheap. Many iPhone users (irrespective of the model they’re using) prefer buying a new phone when their current device is broken or smashed. This is because they remain ignorant of the fact that they can buy a second hand iPhone 6 at a fraction of the cost of what they’d pay for a new one.
Buying a used or second hand iPhone 6 is truly a great investment.

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