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Buying a Used iPhone 6? Consider these Tips to Avoid Getting Cheated

Posted On Wednesday 17th May 2017 11:52 AM

There may be a lot more than just purchasing an iPhone 6 than its price. If there wasn’t, every individual would get his hands on a new iPhone 6, isn’t it?
But when it comes to shopping for a used iPhone 6, you can reap great benefits other than just cost savings. Of course, you will want to take product cycle, age, condition, model and carrier into account as you buy the smartphone from a reliable dealer, reseller or carrier.

Here are some important tips to consider that will help you avoid getting ripped off, as there are many fake iPhones on the market:
1.Know When to Purchase the Smartphone
It’s important for you to know that the resale value of a phone that’s been used before largely depends on its age and condition. It’s true that the value of iPhones drop with every passing minute. So, the best time to check rates for ongoing and previous models is when a new generation iPhone is released, which leads to the decline of older models.
2.Enquire About Prices
Well, you may not be able to figure out an easy way when it comes to calculating the accurate value of the gadget you want to make a purchase of, but you can get a fair idea of the prices people are paying by checking resellers as well as carriers. You can visit the carrier or reseller and get to know what price people are likely to pay for old versions of iPhone.
3.Reseller Should Have a Return Policy
It’s important for you to make sure that the resller you’re buying an iPhone 6 from has a return policy. That way you’ll be able to return the phone in case it does not meet your set expectations. Look for a website that matches smartphones buyers with their sellers and verifies each listing. It should also have a means allowing customers to return those items which don’t meet their expectations.
4.Ensure that You Buy the iPhone 6 from Your Carrier
Many wireless carriers can be found selling certified pre-owned mobile phones and/or refurbished phones. While such devices may cost one an arm and a leg than other comparable models on the market available through resellers, you get the benefit of knowing that the used iPhone 6 you’re buying will work with your carrier. Moreover, you don’t have to feel anxious about buying a stolen device.
5.Ensure It’s Not Reported Lost or Stolen
What can be the best way to make sure your phone is legit, if you buy a used iPhone 6 from a carrier or reliable reseller? Carriers and resellers will meticulously check for lost or stolen phones before these devices can be put on sale.
There’s no escaping the fact that iPhones don’t come cheap. With a huge price tag these amazing pieces of technology come with, they can make anyone think twice before going for a brand new iPhone. People (with a limited budget) find it hard to buy this smartphone in a mint condition, so buying a used iPhone 6 is probably the best bet.

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